Webgains interview with Jim Knopf from Sovendus

For the latest Publisher Spotlight, Webgains spoke to Jim Knopf, our Senior Cooperations Manager at Sovendus, to find out more about the opportunities for advertisers and how they differ from other publishers.

Hi Jim Knopf, who is Sovendus and what do you do? Please tell us a little about the company.

Sovendus is a leading provider of checkout and online marketing services. E-commerce businesses increase their sales, optimise their conversions and generate more valuable transactions with us. As Senior Cooperations Manager, I am responsible for all cooperations with affiliate networks, agencies and other multipliers on a national and international level.

Please tell us about the brand's key corporate values.

At Sovendus we know that a strong network is the key to success. That's why we bring advertisers and end customers together, to the benefit of both. Our focus is on providing relevant offers for online customers and high transaction quality for our partners. Everyone wins in our voucher network.

Our values are:

Innovation: we focus on where we make a difference and stay critical to solve challenges.

Simplicity: We have clear and efficient solutions that add value for all stakeholders.

Risk-taking: we make bold decisions in the best interest of our partners.

What would you say are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with your company?

We offer our more than 1,300 partners access to 20 million high-intent users per month and also have onsite technology that helps our partners increase their conversion rate through specific actions tailored to their website. It is very easy to get started with Sovendus and the cooperation is completely risk-free and performance-based. We deliver excellent results for advertisers who want to incentivise customers online.

Can you tell us about your target audience and their demographics?

Sovendus users are online shoppers who are eager, willing and experienced and have already made a purchase and gained access to our closed-loop voucher network. Our solutions are cross-sectoral and enable our partners to address new target groups. Our algorithm ensures a high relevance of the offered vouchers for end customers and best results for our partners.

Are there any requirements or restrictions for advertisers who want to work with you?

Advertisers only need to implement our lean script on their checkout page. For our voucher network, this serves 2 purposes:

By integrating the thank-you banner in the advertiser's corporate design, the end customers are given access to the network and the advertiser can reward its end customers or thank them for their purchase. In this way, the advertiser contributes to the growth of the network, so that everyone benefits additionally.

Our algorithm uses the gathered information to ensure that the most relevant vouchers are presented to each end customer.

Regarding our onsite conversion rate optimisation solution, it is also a matter of integrating the script to evaluate the behaviour of the website visitors and offer them a suggestion, service or appropriate action at the right time.

Are there any success stories you would like to share with us regarding increasing sales or traffic for advertisers?

Our performance-based models guarantee a positive ROI for our clients. Brands such as HelloFresh, Douglas, mymuesli, Tchibo and many others generate thousands of additional monthly sales through our Europe-wide network. Industry-specific figures and case studies are available on request.

"With our solutions and Sovendus' extensive reach, we offer scalable, proven and reliable solutions that cannot be found with any other provider."

What sets Sovendus apart from competitors, and what is your added value?

For almost 15 years, we have been dealing with daily transactions with more than 150 employees and try to achieve the maximum for our partners. As a result, year after year, we achieved great success for the biggest European brands. With our solutions and the extensive reach of Sovendus, we offer scalable, proven and reliable solutions that cannot be found with any other provider.

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