Shopping with us is such fun! We have vouchers from all industries. Whether it be fashion, electronics, household or garden - everyone is sure to find what they need here.

Our network of strength! With 1,300 partner stores in 11 countries, each month we offer 5 million customers a unique shopping experience.


Europe’s Leading
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We reward customers who make an online purchase at one of our partner stores with vouchers and special offers. Our network already has over 1,300 well-known online stores and partner portals.

Accessible everywhere!Our processes are optimised for all end devices, so you can save anytime, anywhere.

Huge selection! We offer a variety of vouchers and special offers from well-known stores and publishing houses.

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The e-commerce network of the future

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Our services

Become a part of our network: With our solutions, new customer acquisition and revenue increases are practically guaranteed. Sounds exciting?

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We have been matching online buyers with stores since 2008. Currently, over 1,300 partner stores in 11 countries place their trust in us - for the mutual benefit of partners and customers alike.

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Are you looking for an exciting job in the online marketing and e-commerce tech space and want to make a big difference? Apply and join our team today.

About us

Our network: Benefits for suppliers and customers

Sovendus is a voucher network with over 1,300 partner companies. We allow you to reward your customers who make a purchase with vouchers and special offers and increase your sales at the same time. In our network: it’s a win-win for everyone. Our partners deliver mutually relevant transactions to each other, thereby gaining new customers and additional revenue. Start today and benefit with your online or brick-and-mortar store from the traffic from hundreds of other stores.

5 million online buyers

per month use our vouchers
and special offers.

> 1,300 stores

are already a part of our
voucher network.

we are represented in 11 countries

and continue to expand.

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Our services at a glance

In our network, it’s a win-win for everyone. We create interesting offers for online buyers and generate relevant transactions for you. We help you to bring in new customers, generate additional sales, additional revenues and high-quality newsletter addresses.

Sovendus Sales

Our voucher network with 5 million online buyers helps you to generate additional sales and acquire new customers.

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Sovendus Select

Our special offers allow you to reward your customers on your checkout page and generate exciting additional revenue.

Sovendus Mailing auf Smartphone und Tablet mit Stift

Sovendus Mail

Stand-alone campaigns with our mailing list allows you reach over 2 million active online buyers, which we select specifically for you.

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Sovendus Products

Market your product in our network and have your offer reach over 20 million online buyers per month.

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Sovendus Leads

Our network gives you access to high-quality newsletter addresses for your own mailing lists.

Safety standards

Modern technology – trustworthy and reliable

Data security is of utmost importance to Sovendus. We comply with current data protection guidelines during the software development lifecycle, for instance:"Security and Privacy by Design / Default". Data security and privacy are followed when adding new requirements.

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We use symmetric and asymmetric encryption to protect our systems. Only authorised employees have access to the keys.

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If personal data is required when comparing data, the data is pseudonymised using a hash function prior to comparison.

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System failure protection

Our hosting service providers based in Germany guarantee protection against failures through highly available power supply and fire protection.

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Failover solutions

We use failover solutions to switch to a standby solution at any time in the event of a malfunction to the productive system and to maintain operations.

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Security checks

Internal employees and external security companies carry out regular security checks to ensure the resilience of our systems.

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Our hosting service providers' data centres are located in Germany and are regularly audited and certified according to BSI Basic Protection and DIN ISO 27001.

Get in touch!

With Sovendus you can offer your customers a unique shopping experience. We would love to give you personalised advice and demonstrate all the benefits of our solution in a face-to-face meeting.

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Support for end customers

Do you have any questions about your voucher, our newsletter or a special offer? Find the answers here.

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How about an exciting job in the online marketing and e-commerce technology environment? Come and join our team.