New Sovendus website live in 12 countries

During a comprehensive overhaul of the Sovendus corporate design, the company’s website appears in a new look. Fresh, bright colours, precise shapes, and strong headlines characterise the new design. In addition to a modern design, the website also offers unique features such as the option to book individual demo tours for product prospects, the download option of a press kit, and an intuitively structured interface that allows website visitors to access the desired content quickly.

New product names and expansion of the product portfolio
Two Sovendus products have been given new names along with the website’s relaunch. In future, “Sovendus Sales” will be called “Sovendus Voucher Network”, and “Sovendus Select” will become “Sovendus Checkout Benefits”. The Sovendus Voucher Network product links online shops with each other so that everyone benefits: Each shop rewards its customers with the voucher of another shop after the purchase has been completed. This way, all network partners provide each other with valuable customer streams and gain additional sales and new customers. In addition, as part of Sovendus Checkout Benefits, online shops place attractive benefit offers in the form of daily newspapers, magazines and free sample packages on their checkout page. They can thus generate up to five-figure additional revenues.

With “Sovendus Optimize”, a new product is also entering the company’s product range. Sovendus Optimize is an onsite technology which helps online shops to increase their conversion rate through specific measures tailored to the respective shop. The technology reads website visitors’ behaviour and offers them a suitable action, such as a discount, at the optimal time. “Sovendus’ ideas are in demand and enable access to new groups of buyers. The topic of conversion, in particular, is promising for the future, and we are addressing this with our new product,” explains Christian Würst, Managing Director of Sovendus GmbH. The “copy/paste integration” of Sovendus Optimize enables simple and quick integration into any online shop.

About Sovendus
Sovendus is a leading provider of checkout and digital marketing services in Europe. Sovendus GmbH, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, was founded in 2008 and currently employs more than 130 people. Every month, Sovendus offers more than 5 million online shoppers attractive benefits and helps them to have a positive shopping experience. In addition, with the help of the closed shop network, partners benefit from new customers, additional sales, direct revenues and high-quality newsletter addresses.