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3.6 m

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Attractive additional revenues

Leverage the potential of your checkout page for marketing

To generate more sales, brands resort to various measures. However, besides advertising campaigns and discounts, the purchasing process itself already represents a platform for further marketing. Optimise your checkout with minimal effort and achieve additional revenue.

Are you a product provider?
Market your product through our network and gain new customers and additional sales.

Increase customer satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction thanks to Sovendus Checkout Benefits

Checkout marketing is an opportunity with several benefits:

  1. After a purchase on your site, the customer sees a selection of special offers from partner shops. They choose an offer as a gift and benefit twice from their purchase.
  2. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and higher revenues through checkout sales.
  3. The additional offers on the checkout page also increase the purchase motivation and customer loyalty of your existing customers.

Something for everyone

Great variety of products for your checkout

Our product portfolio includes more than 1,300 benefit offers:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Free samples

When marketing additional offers on your checkout, there is something for every customer. You have control over the level of additional revenue generated depending on where you choose to display them on the checkout.

It's that simple

Checkout marketing in 3 steps

1. Reward after the purchase

On the checkout page of your online shop, special offers from our network appear to the customer as a thank-you for their purchase.

2. Individual displaying

The most appropriate partner offers are displayed for the respective online shopper based on the available information.

3. Increase your turnover

Both sides benefit from Sovendus Checkout Benefits: Your customer receives an individual thank you and you gain additional revenue.

Many good reasons

Your advantages with Sovendus Checkout Benefits

Generate risk-free additional revenues through e-commerce checkout. Our various payment models guarantee you maximum flexibility.

Up to 7-digit additional revenues

Generate risk-free additional revenues through e-commerce checkout. Our various payment models guarantee you maximum flexibility.

  • Risk-free additional revenues
  • Flexible payment models
  • No minimum contract duration or setup costs

Choose from over 1,300 product offers

Whether newspaper, magazine, or free sample – thanks to our wide range of products, the right deals for your customers are included.

  • Newspapers, magazines, free samples 
    in the look & feel of your checkout

  • Desktop, tablet, mobile & app compatible

Increase customer loyalty with individual offers

The script integration takes only 5 minutes. Without any effort for you, the various product offers are displayed individually.

  • Target group-specific products displayed

  • Products displayed based on post code

  • A/B Testing

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Our security standards

Modern technology – secure and trustworthy

Data security is of utmost importance to Sovendus. As part of our software development lifecycle, we comply with current data protection guidelines, such as ‘Security and Privacy by Design/Default’. In this way, data protection and data security are already taken into account when new requirements are added.


We use symmetric and asymmetric encryption to protect our systems. Only authorised staff have access to keys.


If personal data is required in the course of a data comparison, the data is pseudonymised by using a hash function before the comparison.

System downtime protection

Our hosting service providers, based in Germany, ensure protection against downtime through highly available power supply and fire protection.

Failover solutions

We use failover solutions to switch to a standby solution at any time if the productive system fails and to maintain operations.

Security audits

Security audits are regularly carried out by internal staff as well as by external security companies to ensure that systems are resilient.


The data centres of our hosting service providers based in Germany are regularly audited and certified according to the IT baseline protection or DIN ISO 27001.

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