Sovendus Leads

High-quality newsletter addresses for your mailing list

Do you want high-quality newsletter addresses from our vast network? Then expand your mailing lists and lock in additional sales. The online shopper selects their preferred voucher during the voucher request process. The user can also subscribe to your newsletter - actively and willingly, which gives you a high purchase likelihood.

> 1.5 million users

can be reached with your newsletter offering.

> 1,300 partners

are already a part of our huge network.

We are in 11 countries

and we continue to expand.

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Relevant addresses

Attract online buyers to your mailing list

Promote your newsletter within our voucher network and acquire new subscribers easily. In our network you will only target active online buyers. The customer decides actively and willingly to subscribe to your mailing list, thus adding highly-qualified subscribers to your newsletter.


It's that simple:

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1. View your newsletter

Every online shopper who selects a voucher in the Sovendus network can subscribe to one or more newsletters.

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2. Select your newsletter

If a user chooses your newsletter, we then generate a high-quality single-opt-in email address for you.

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3. Import to your system

The data from leads gained are imported into your system from a user interface.

Your benefits

The benefits of Sovendus Leads

Use our help to expand your own email mailing list and increase your sales. We would be happy to advise you in a face-to-face meeting.

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Brining in active buyers with a high purchase likelihood

In our network, you only target active online buyers who you can bring in as future subscribers.

  • Active selection of your newsletter
  • Online buyers for your mailing list
  • High performance and purchasing power
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Add high-quality addresses to your mailing list

Easily expand your mailing lists and only pay for the subscribers you actually gain.

  • Performance-based fees
  • No fixed costs or setup costs
  • Automatic import into your systems
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Increase your email marketing revenues

Increase the success of your own email campaigns by gaining new highly-effective addresses.

  • Revenue from active subscribers
  • Expand your customer base
  • Full cost control

Have you got 10 minutes?

Would you like to know how you can increase your sales through our network? We would be more than happy to show you how it works in an obligation-free test drive.

Safety standards

Modern technology – trustworthy and reliable

Data security is of utmost importance to Sovendus. We comply with current data protection guidelines during the software development lifecycle, for instance:"Security and Privacy by Design / Default". Data security and privacy are followed when adding new requirements.

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We use symmetric and asymmetric encryption to protect our systems. Only authorised employees have access to the keys.

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If personal data is required when comparing data, the data is pseudonymised using a hash function prior to comparison.

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System failure protection

Our hosting service providers based in Germany guarantee protection against failures through highly available power supply and fire protection.

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Failover solutions

We use failover solutions to switch to a standby solution at any time in the event of a malfunction to the productive system and to maintain operations.

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Security checks

Internal employees and external security companies carry out regular security checks to ensure the resilience of our systems.

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Our hosting service providers' data centres are located in Germany and are regularly audited and certified according to BSI Basic Protection and DIN ISO 27001.

Curious about our other services?

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Sovendus Sales

Gewinnen Sie Umsatz und Neukunden über unser Gutschein-Netzwerk mit 5 Mio. Nutzern.

Icon: Sovendus Select Vorteilsangebote

Sovendus Select

Reward your customers on the checkout page and earn valuable additional revenue.

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Sovendus Mail

Reach over 2 million active online buyers via our Sovendus mailing list.

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Sovendus Products

Market your product in our network and reach 20 million users per month.

Get in touch.

With Sovendus you can offer your customers a unique shopping experience. We would love to provide you with some personalised advice and demonstrate all the benefits of our solution in a face-to-face meeting.

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