Dual (work-study) programme

We are the tail wind for your new career.

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Our dual (work-study) programme

Theory, practice and lots of fun!
From autumn 2021, we will be offering a Bachelor's degree course in Business Information Systems- Software Engineering in cooperation with the Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS). You have all the Aces in your hand when it comes to your career: theoretical knowledge with specific practical relevance. So you can start right after your graduation - best of all with us of course! With good grades your new job is a virtually certainty.

CAS: Our partner for your career.
There is some back and forth but there is a clear plan for your career behind it. Together with the Centre for Advanced Studies in Karlsruhe, we take turns in preparing you for your career in the best possible way. The training is designed in such a way that you can apply your acquired knowledge directly to practical problems in our firm.

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How does the work-study programme work?
Your studies are divided into practical and theoretical phases, organised as block courses. You will alternate between three months of vocational training at our company and three months of studies at the CAS Karlsruhe in the Nordstadt district. You will receive a salary from us and can also rely on our full support the whole time.

And how did you access the Selection?
It'll be quick. You apply for the advertised position. After a pre-selection event, you will have an initial telephone conversation with your manager. We will then get to know each other personally. You have the opportunity to show what you are made of in a small test. Maybe you can convince us of your abilities - and we can convince you. If this happens we will send you a contract and we will welcome you on-board.

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Our Benefits

We don’t simply say thanks and goodbye.
Let us demonstrate.

Job matching is not just about what you can bring. But also about what you can expect from us. Here are our benefits - our appreciation for your good work.

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Work & Life

We help you to arrange your working hours flexibly. Families are very close to our heart. For instance, our parent-child room, which is available to you and your children.

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Thanks to the height-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs, Sovendus not only keeps you "firmly in the saddle", but also keeps you healthy. Need more rest? Take advantage of our free yoga offer twice a week.

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You achieve the best results once you have fully recovered. It’s our treat: 30 days of annual paid leave plus special leave if something unusual is on the agenda.

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Continuing training & education

Continuous learning matters to us! We offer many opportunities for continuing training and education: Specialist workshops, conferences or generalist seminars on issues such as stress and self-management.

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Future Talent

Shape the future of tomorrow today. We provide you with the best possible training and ensure the perfect start to your career. With good grades, you are virtually guaranteed a permanent position with us.

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Food & Drink

There is plenty of coffee, tea and water at no charge. There is a happy hour in our refrigerators. On Fridays we enjoy a tasty lunch together on the house.

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And there is no shortage of fun: Lots of green spaces, sports facilities, a skate park and the Europabad indoor pool are in the immediate vicinity. We also offer many after-work get-togethers. Our pinball machine is a magnet for everyone.

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How to reach us

We are perfectly connected! You can reach us with two different tram routes. There is plenty of room for your bicycle in our basement. And we also have parking spaces for cars in our underground garage.

We are Sovendus

Find out more about Sovendus as an employer, who we are, what makes us special and what we stand for. Read something about our history, our values and about our location.

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HR @ Sovendus

Interested in a career with Sovendus? We are your first point of contact and look forward to meeting you!

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