Born to network!

Since 2008, Sovendus has been bringing customers and online stores together - in a way that benefits everyone. Our partner stores can use the network to reward their customers with vouchers and special offers for their purchases, thereby increasing revenues. A real win-win situation for everyone!

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The mission

Our mission

We are convinced that a strong network is essential for business success. That's why we bring stores and customers together - to the benefit of both sides. We see it as our task to create a balance between the interests of our partner stores and the needs of online shoppers. We have two priorities: relevant transactions for our partners and relevant offers for online buyers.

We are only satisfied with our work when both our partners and end users are also satisfied.

Zahlen und Fakten

Ein kleiner Einblick in unsere Zahlen und Fakten

Seit 2008 agiert Sovendus erfolgreich am Markt. Mit unseren Gutscheinen und Vorteilsangeboten schaffen wir ein einzigartiges Einkaufserlebnis für monatlich über 5 Mio. User. Unser Netzwerk ist über die Jahre kontinuierlich gewachsen und zählt inzwischen über 1.300 Partnershops aus Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz, den Niederlanden, UK, Frankreich, Belgien, Spanien, Polen, Schweden – und weitere werden folgen.

5 Mio.

Online-Käufer pro Monat

1.300 +

Partner im Netzwerk



How we think, design and work

At our site in the Karlsruhe technology region, Germany, we have 137 employees who are working tirelessly on maintaining the success of the network. With creativity and an openness to new ideas, we build relevant solutions for successful checkout marketing for our partners. We place particular emphasis on a good team spirit, strong partnerships and innovative ideas.

As an innovative company, we are always looking to improve. Even though we have many years of experience in e-commerce, we are always learning new things and adapting to the requirements and needs of the market. Together with our strong partners, we move ahead with curiosity and courage and are always working on new solutions and optimisations.

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Mission & Strategy

We are convinced that a strong network is essential for business success. That's why we bring stores and customers together - to the benefit of both sides.

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Thanks to our innovative data-based marketing solution, we reach customers individually thus creating a special shopping experience.

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Data security is of utmost importance to Sovendus. This is why we continually invest in the security of our infrastructure and comply with the latest data protection guidelines.

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  • Number of employees: 137
  • Average age: 35
  • Nationalities: 17
  • Gender: 46 % female, 54 % male
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  • Courage to make decisions
  • Deliver and ensure quality
  • Take on responsibility without prompting.
  • Respect in dealing with each other
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Headquarters: Karlsruhe
In our modern offices at our home in the Karlsruhe technology region, Germany, we are working tirelessly on maintaining the success of our network.

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With Sovendus you can offer your customers a unique shopping experience. We would love to provide you personalised advice and demonstrate all the benefits of our solution in a face-to-face meeting.

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